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Informal consultation on draft Procedures and Guidelines

IRM has developed draft Procedures and Guidelines and has already held several webinars for GCF stakeholders from different regions including Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. IRM will hold three informal consultations in Amsterdam, London and Washington, D.C. as part of the ongoing consultative process. Any stakeholder of the GCF as well as other civil society organisations and concerned members of the public are welcome to join these seminars. Details are provided below:
SOMO Offices (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
7 June 2018 (Thursday), 10:00AM to 12:30PM
International Institute for Environment and Development (London, United Kingdom)
8 June 2018 (Friday),12:00PM to 2:30PM

World Resources Institute (Washington D.C, USA)
11 June 2018 (Monday), 12:30PM to 3:30PM