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A developing country can file a request where one of its specific projects or programmes proposed to GCF for funding is denied by the GCF Board for reasons other than the lack of available GCF resources. The request can be filed by the NDA or any other competent authority or agency of the country. The requesting country must reasonably believe that the denial of funding was based on non-compliance with GCF's policies or procedures.

A reconsideration request of funding should be filed within 60 calendar days from the date on which the denial of funding was notified to the NDA by the Secretariat.

The request should describe the project or programme that was denied funding by the GCF Board, and include the circumstances of noncompliance and how these resulted in denial of funding. The request should also confirm that the Accredited Entity which submitted the proposal is still committed to implementing the project or programme, if it is later funded by the GCF.

Any factual statements in the request should be accompanied by supporting documents and other relevant evidence. Requests may be filed in English or in any other UN language, with English translations provided.

A request can be filed by either mailing, courier delivering or emailing it to the IRM, or by filling out the web form.

The reconsideration request process

Once a request is received, the IRM determines whether the request is eligible, and informs the requester and the GCF Secretariat.

When a request is found eligible, the IRM will hold discussions with the requester and GCF staff. It may also consult with other stakeholders to explore whether through information and consultation the situation can be resolved or whether the requester would like the IRM to investigate the issues involved.

If the requester is satisfied after the information and consultation process, the IRM will close the case. Otherwise, the IRM wil start an investigation.

A report of the investigation will be submitted to the GCF Board, recommending whether the Board should reconsider its funding decision and the reasons for the recommendation.

The GCF Board will consider the IRM report, and communicate its decision to the IRM, who will then inform the requester.