The IRM is mandated to report to the Board on lessons learned and insights gained from handling cases and from good international practices. Based on these lessons and insights, the IRM may recommend the reconsideration of policies, procedures, guidelines and systems of the GCF. When an advisory report is drafted, the GCF Secretariat is invited to provide a management response before the report is considered by the GCF Board. After the advisory report is submitted to the Board, it is published on the IRM website.

This Advisory Report on the prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in GCF projects and programmes (P&PrSEAH) draws useful lessons for the GCF from two complaints that were submitted to the World Bank’s Inspection Panel. The complaints concerned widespread sexual abuse and harassment of women and girls in the shadow of two World Bank projects in Uganda and the DRC. The Advisory Report makes recommendations for how the GCF could prevent and/or mitigate P&PrSEAH risks as part of its environmental and social safeguards. To view the Advisory Report and the Management Response from the GCF Secretariat, follow the links below: