Work plan and budget for 2017

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Work plan and budget for 2017

This document presents the 2017 Work Plan and Budget of the Independent Redress Mechanism Unit (IRMU) of the GCF. The Unit is one of the three accountability mechanisms of the GCF and is mandated by its Governing Instrument. The Board has mandated the IRMU to complete several tasks in 2017. The Board appointed the Head of the IRMU who assumed office on 1 November 2016. This work plan seeks to give effect to the Board decisions concerning the IRMU. The work plan has four components as follows:

  1. Establish the IRMU
  2. Develop a revised TOR and detailed guidelines and procedures
  3. Collaborate in the development of the GCF’s safeguard policies and performance standards
  4. Process complaints and cases

A Draft Decision is presented in Annex 1 for Board consideration.

Cover date 07 December 2016
Document type Operational document