Ep. 5 of "Redress Now": the GRAM partnership

  • Article type Podcast
  • Publication date 05 Dec 2022

Over the last decade, a new generation of grievance redress and accountability mechanisms (GRAMs) have sprouted up to better address and handle complaints, largely driven by multilateral donor fund and bilateral donor requirements. To help these new mechanisms, the IRM formed the GRAM partnership in 2019 to offer leadership, a learning and knowledge platform and a meeting space to an increasing number of GRAMs that are emerging in different spheres. In this episode, we talk about the GRAM partnership with Paco Gimenez-Salinas, Compliance and Dispute Resolution Specialist at the IRM.

Redress Now is a podcast by the Independent Redress Mechanism of the Green Climate Fund where we look into the world of accountability, redress, and grievance within climate finance and international development.