Capacity Building for the empowerment of Direct Access Entities' (DAE) Grievance Redress Mechanisms

  • Article type News & articles
  • Publication date 05 Jun 2018

From May 29 to June 1, the Green Climate Fund held a workshop to empower and support the Fund’s Direct Access Entities (DAEs) – national and regional entities nominated for accreditation to the GCF by National Designated Authorities – to develop strong project proposals and strengthen their capacity across several programmatic areas.

IRM held one plenary session and two clinic sessions during the DAE workshop. The plenary session “Just, Quick and Cheap: Addressing Grievances in Projects” focused on the benefits of having a grievance mechanism and on how to submit reconsideration applications when a proposed project is denied funding by the GCF Board. The plenary session made the business case for having a capable and functioning grievance mechanism and reveal the costs and benefits of institutionalising such a mechanism.  The breakout session “The Independent Redress Mechanism: Providing Just, Quick and Cheap Grievance Redress” touched on the best practices and lessons learned on: (I) setting up grievance redress mechanisms (II) handling complaints; and (III) improving accountability.