Hiring: Compliance Consultant

  • Article type News & articles
  • Publication date 20 Apr 2023

The IRM receives complaints from project-affected people, and once a complaint is declared eligible, it enters a problem-solving or a compliance review process. The IRM is seeking a qualified high-level compliance specialist to assist in its investigations.

The expert specialist should have particular experience in investigations pertaining to the application of the IFC's Performance Standards, which currently serve as the interim Environmental and Social Standards for GCF projects and programs. The expert consultant will be delegated to serve as the IRM’s case lead, working with staff to analyze documents in a case, and if required, to travel to the project site (costs of travel and accommodation and mission clearance to be obtained by the IRM), interview stakeholders and witnesses and prepare a written report responding to the various questions set out in the appraisal report.

Please note, the consultant will be assigned cases on an as-needed basis. Being recruited for this position does not guarantee employment or any other related engagement with the IRM or the GCF.

The deadline for applications is 19 May 2023. For more information and to apply: https://jobs.greenclimate.fund/job/NA-Compliance-Consultant/924586701/