IRM concludes case on wetlands project in Peru

  • Article type News & articles
  • Publication date 27 Jan 2023

The IRM has concluded its monitoring of FP001: Building the Resilience of Wetlands in the Province of Datem del Marañón, Peru. The closure of the case follows the Secretariat’s fulfilment of all four agreed-upon undertakings outlined in the monitoring agreement.

In early 2019, the IRM opened C0002 Peru, which was a preliminary self-initiated investigation into FP001. However, the IRM agreed not to initiate proceedings after the Secretariat agreed to the implementation of four remedial actions, including the issuance of guidance on Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) requirements, incorporation of a risk categorization for projects involving Indigenous Peoples, completion of a legal assessment/opinion examining the potential impacts of the creation of the Áreas de Conservación Ambiental (ACA) on collective land rights of indigenous people who are part of the Project and establishment of a new ACA.

The IRM received the last progress report from the GCF Secretariat in July 2022, which confirmed the establishment of a new ACA by the Accredited Entity (AE). Following a Secretariat assessment of the consent documentation submitted by the AE, the IRM began the process of closing the self-initiated inquiry, given the successful execution of all four undertakings outlined within the monitoring agreement.

The IRM considers all agreed remedial actions to have been satisfactorily implemented. The IRM has decided to close this case and is submitting a final report of all activities undertaken under C0002 Peru to the Board at B.35.