IRM releases results from 2023 Stakeholder Survey

  • Authorship
    Janneke Kielman
  • Article type News & articles
  • Publication date 22 Aug 2023

In May 2023, the IRM sent out a survey to various stakeholders who have interacted with the IRM (including complainants, requesters, civil society representatives, accredited entities, and GCF colleagues). The survey aimed to evaluate the IRM’s performance and provide feedback on their interactions with the IRM to identify areas that need improvement. Forty-six people responded to the survey, of which forty completed the full survey. The full results are highlighted in this report

Overall, the IRM was viewed in a positive light, with many of our stakeholders responding positively when reflecting on their interactions with the IRM. A striking finding was the appreciation for the IRM’s information sharing and responsiveness. Many respondents indicated that they considered the IRM to be welcoming and approachable in their interactions and the communication was clear and transparent. Moreover, the IRM’s work in sharing knowledge with the expanding GRM network and outreach events with stakeholders was valued greatly and considered to be very practical.

The survey has also pointed out several areas of growth. Feedback on the accessibility of the IRM raised concern, with various comments indicating that capacity-building and outreach activities do not reach all the necessary stakeholders as smaller CSOs struggle to gain access to these events. This revelation underscores the importance of enhancing meaningful engagement with CSOs. The IRM aims to address this concern by continuing to hold at least one in-person outreach event a year. Several respondents voiced their appreciation for the physical presence of the IRM during their prior outreach activities. This will be complemented by an end-of-year focus group to follow up with previous participants of outreach activities. Furthermore, the IRM has opened a CSO advocacy grant to reach smaller local CSOs and create more awareness of accountability.

While the IRM is independent from the Secretariat when reporting to the Board, there are some reflections from stakeholders on the level and scope of the IRM’s independence. The IRM wishes to continue working on areas of mutual interest with the larger GCF stakeholders and will carry on using a variety of methods to increase awareness of the work and functioning of the IRM.

The survey also illuminated the importance of providing communication materials in different languages. Communication in English is not understood by all stakeholders, especially the use of technical terms. The IRM will continue to improve its accessibility by increasing the number of resources and communication materials in different languages. 

The positive feedback serves as a testament to our commitment to provide recourse in a way that is fair, effective, and transparent, and ultimately enhance the performance of GCF’s climate funding. Meanwhile, the constructive feedback provides us with the necessary insights to refine our processes and enhance our accessibility. As we move forward, the lessons learned from this survey will guide our strategic decisions, enabling us to build stronger connections with our stakeholders and accurately respond to their needs.