C0008 Paraguay

FP121: REDD+ Results-based payments in Paraguay for the period 2015-2017

C0008 Paraguay

In June 2022, the IRM received a complaint relating to FP121. The complainant raised a concern that as the government recognized and legally established representative of the indigenous peoples of Paraguay, Instituto Paraguayo del Indígena (Paraguayan Indigenous Institute, INDI) should take part in the Board of Directors for FP121 but that this has not yet taken place. INDI claims that they should be involved in every decision-making process with regard to the project that will affect the indigenous communities and that this process should involve the identification and selection of legitimate leaders who represent the different indigenous communities. In a virtual meeting with the complainant, the IRM obtained further information regarding the complaint, which the complainant wanted registered and processed by the IRM according to its procedures. The IRM thus commenced the eligibility determination for this case on 1 July, and the complaint was declared eligible on 28 July 2022. The case will now proceed to the Initial Steps phase, where the IRM will explore options for problem solving or compliance review, in consultation with the complainant and other stakeholders.

Case status


14 Jun 2022

Eligibility / Preliminary inquiry
Initial steps and process choice

GCF policies raised

Environmental and social policy
Indigenous peoples policy
Environmental and social standards


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Project details

Project numberFP121
Project title REDD+ Results-based payments in Paraguay for the period 2015-2017
Country Paraguay
Latin America and the Caribbean
Accredited Entity United Nations Environment Programme
Result areas
Forests and land use
Risk category Category B