C0003 Morocco

FP043: The Saïss Water Conservation Project

C0003 Morocco

In February 2020, the IRM received a complaint relating to FP043. The complaint centers around the insufficiency of the community consultations conducted and the lack of information provided to the complainant(s) and others who are affected by this Project. The complainant(s) requested confidentiality, and the IRM is providing confidentiality in accordance with its Procedures and Guidelines. The complaint was declared eligible for further processing, and the parties agreed to seek a joint solution through a problem-solving process. It is hoped that this participatory and voluntary approach of problem-solving will assist the parties to address the concerns raised by the complainant(s) in a way that is satisfactory to all parties involved in the process. The Initial Steps Report detailing the outcomes of this phase is available below. The Covid-19 pandemic, and more specifically restrictions on travelling to Morocco, have resulted in unavoidable delays in the processing of this case. Problem solving is ongoing, despite the challenges associated with conducting such a process virtually.


Case status


16 Feb 2020

Eligibility / Preliminary inquiry
Initial steps and process choice
Problem solving



Nature of harm raised


GCF policies raised

Environmental and social standards
Environmental and social policy


Title Versions
Eligibility determination
English | العَرَبِيّة
Time limit extension for publication of initial steps report
English | العَرَبِيّة
Initial steps report
English | العَرَبِيّة

Project details

Project numberFP043
Project title The Saïss Water Conservation Project
Country Morocco
Accredited Entity European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Result areas
Infrastructure and built environment
Livelihoods of people and communities
Risk category Category B