C0009 Egypt

FP039: GCF-EBRD Egypt Renewable Energy Financing Framework

C0009 Egypt

On September 28, 2022, the IRM received and registered a complaint related to working conditions in the Benban Solar Park, and with potential relevance to FP039. The complainant is an employee of the company Health and Safety Home, working for and having previously worked in different capacities in the Benban Solar Park. The complainant raises several allegations regarding working conditions and labour management issues, including quality of food provided and differential treatment of employees in terms of salary, benefits and promotions. The complainant further alleges workplace harassment and retaliation for requesting raises and for filing complaints. Per the complainant, despite the size and scale of the solar park, the complainant asserts that there has been no community development in the village (BenBan) where the project is based. The IRM determined the case to be eligible and will now proceed to the initial steps phase to determine choice of case-handling process. 

Case status


28 Sep 2022

Initial steps and process choice


Worker (Fire-fighting Services)

Nature of harm raised

Labor and Working Conditions

GCF policies raised

Environmental and Social Policy
Environmental and Social Standards


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Eligibility Determination
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Project details

Project numberFP039
Project title GCF-EBRD Egypt Renewable Energy Financing Framework
Country Egypt
Accredited Entity EBRD
Result areas
Energy generation and access
Risk category Category B